Thelikada is a Rural village situated in Sri Lanka.It is in the Galle District which is South Part of the Island.Thelikada is nice and Beautifull village full of Pure Natuaral Air and Fresh Water.

Gin River(Gin Ganga)is flowing near viilage Thelikada.It brings an extra beauty to the Village.Also Gin Dam(Bunt)is lying inside the Village.Wakwella Bridge(Wakwalla Palama)also beside the Thelikada village ,which is Sri Lanka longest Bridge built by Sri Lankan Engineers.
Thelikada situated 116 Km away from the Capital Colombo.It is 2.30 hours drive from the Capital.Anyone can reach via Galle-Colombo ,Galle Road(A2).Access points from Galle Road are Hickkaduwa,Rathgama,Boossa,Pintaliya,Gintota and Galle.
Galle-Baddegama(via Pintaliya)is the Bus n 530 is the Bus Number.Also Galle-Baddegama(via Wakwella) 514/1 is the other route for thelikada.Also there is Bus from Ambalangoda Bus Stand.

There are over 2000 people are living peacefully.Thelikada Police station keep the law and Order.Also there is a School called G/Thelikada Maha Vidyalaya.Currently there are over 300 students and 30 Teachers.
Thelikada Sunandaramaya is an old temple there can be seen some old Drawings over 100 years old Wall painting.
In year 2007 there was a problem in the Temple and now it is solved.

Weerasinghe Watta is a Famouse because of Village ancestors.Thelikada Palliya Gurunnanselage and Thelikada Palliya Guruge are famous surname in the Village.
Thelikada famous for Brisk Cutting.Thelikada Appuhami(T.P.G.C.Alwis)is n old farmer.


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