Sri Lanka is a country which in not second to any other nation from her Natural Beauty. The Village like “Meemure” proves this to the world.Meemure Village is situated near the Border between Kandy and Matale Districts. The village Meemure is Rich with natural Beauty and Traditional Sri Lankan styles.It is a remote village far away from Colombo Capital and it is about 175 Km.If you go there from a Off Road vehicle it is 6 Hour Drive from Colombo.
Here is how you can go there; First go to Kandy city which is 116 Km away from Colombo. Then Kandy-Mahiyangana Road (A26) towards to Mahiyangana.Turn to Left from Hunnasgiriya Junction which is 35 Km away from Kandy.Then go towards the Loolwatte Village which is 15 Km away from Hunnasiriya Junction. Then from Loolwatte it is about another 15 Km to the Meemure Village.

On your way to Meemure from Colombo you can see many Natural Sceeneries; among them Hulu Ganga (River), Victoria Reservoir, Teldeniya New Town (Teldeniya was under going for Mahaweli Project), Dothalugala Forest and Botanical Garden, Mini Worlds End, Coberts Gap (Attala Mottuwa) a place where lot of wind blowing to the other side, Meemure and Lakegala Mountain where King Rawana Lifted his Air Plane called Dhadu Monara.
At the Meemure Village you can stay at “Dumbara Pini Bindu” Village Hall with Permission of village People, Specially “Bandara Ayya” and “Nawarathna Ayya”.

Also you can visit and have bath from a water fall and a stream. This is the place where Sri Lankan Film “Suriya Arana” Shooting. You can have climb to the Lakegala Mountain also which is full of Adventure. If you are Local Alcohol lover you can have “Ra”local toddy made of Kithul Tree.

Japura Hikers Club (2002/2003(A)-A3 Group) covered every place here recently and if you like to Go Meemure here is the Telephone number of the Village One and only boutique 0715679147.

I am a Blog writer Dinesh Alwis(JAPURAALWIS)


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