Lakegala ,Rock of Lanka,

Sri Lanka is a country which in not second to any other nation from her Natural Beauty. The Rock “Lakegala” proves this to the world.Lakegala is situated near the Border between Kandy and Matale Districts.

There are several access points to Lakegala Rock but most safe Access Road is from Meemure Village.

The village Meemure is Rich with natural Beauty and Traditional Sri Lankan styles. It is a remote village far away from Colombo Capital and it is about 175 Km.If you go t here from a Off Road vehicle it is 6 Hour Drive from Colombo.

“The Rock of Lanka” is the meaning of “Lakegala” according to sinhala language.

According to the Sinhala Legend the Lakegala Rock is considered as the Kingdom Lankapura where King Ravana’s capital. It is also said that Ravana met Princess Sita, the Queen of Rama beside this Rock.

But the most of Meemure Villages believe that Lakegala is the Place where King Ravana lifted his Air Plane called“Dhadumonara”.This Dhadu Monara was his official Plane and he make use of  travels and used to capture Sita from India.



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