Sri Lanka Air Force Rescue Mission

Sri Lanka Air Force Rescue Mission on 29th July 2008


It was 29th July 2008,six man team of Sri Lanka Army Special Forces rushed in to Mankulam and Kokavil for a limited ambush.After the attack and While they were back to controlled area they were traped and 2 Special Forces commandos were killed in the fight and two others wounded.Then they withdraw with two casualties at about 20 kilometers down from kokavil.

Normally people called DPU “Deep Penetration Unit”but real name is Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol .

While they are withdrawing they asked air support fro the center and A Bell 212 and a MI 24 attack helicopter took off from Anuradhapura Air Force Base.

Four Special Forces men were awaiting the rescue helicopter. After having secured a landing site, one of the men lit a fire as the helicopter approached and alerted the crew of their location. As the Bell 212 landed, the four men jumped on board. Half an hour later the helicopter landed at the Anuradhapura Air Base and the two wounded soldiers were rushed to the Anuradhapura Hospital.


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