Usain Bolt

Jamican Sprinter who set 3 world records in Beijing 2008 OLYMPIC game.100m Race by 9.69 Seconds and 200m Race 19.30 Seconds.Also 4x100m Relay Rae.


Airtel Sri Lanka

Bharti Airtel Going to start there operations on 1ST December 2008.They will be issued SIM Free of charges and totally incoming Free for every network.They maintained flat charges and low cost.They will expand it island wide and currently completed 500 Base towers out of number code will be 079.My friend in India told me their GPRS Charges are very low and 24 hours Internet Accessing will charge only 24 Indian Rupees.Airtel offers ultimate broadband speed at 8 Mbps .

So as a Consumers we can have a benifit because of this new mobile network service.


Peak AT to AT Rs. 1.00 (Voice)
Off Peak AT to AT Rs. 0.50 (Voice)
Economy AT to AT Free (Voice)

Peak AT to Other NET. Rs. 2.00 (Voice)
Off Peak AT to Other NET. Rs. 0.50 (Voice)
Economy AT to Other NET. Rs.0.20 (Voice)

Peak AT to Other NET. Rs. 1.00 (SMS)
Off Peak AT to Other NET. Rs. 1.00 (SMS)
Economy AT to Other NET. Rs.0.50 (SMS)

AT to AT SMS free of charge. (Unlimited

Sri Lanka Air Force Rescue Mission

Sri Lanka Air Force Rescue Mission on 29th July 2008


It was 29th July 2008,six man team of Sri Lanka Army Special Forces rushed in to Mankulam and Kokavil for a limited ambush.After the attack and While they were back to controlled area they were traped and 2 Special Forces commandos were killed in the fight and two others wounded.Then they withdraw with two casualties at about 20 kilometers down from kokavil.

Normally people called DPU “Deep Penetration Unit”but real name is Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol .

While they are withdrawing they asked air support fro the center and A Bell 212 and a MI 24 attack helicopter took off from Anuradhapura Air Force Base.

Four Special Forces men were awaiting the rescue helicopter. After having secured a landing site, one of the men lit a fire as the helicopter approached and alerted the crew of their location. As the Bell 212 landed, the four men jumped on board. Half an hour later the helicopter landed at the Anuradhapura Air Base and the two wounded soldiers were rushed to the Anuradhapura Hospital.

Lakegala ,Rock of Lanka,

Sri Lanka is a country which in not second to any other nation from her Natural Beauty. The Rock “Lakegala” proves this to the world.Lakegala is situated near the Border between Kandy and Matale Districts.

There are several access points to Lakegala Rock but most safe Access Road is from Meemure Village.

The village Meemure is Rich with natural Beauty and Traditional Sri Lankan styles. It is a remote village far away from Colombo Capital and it is about 175 Km.If you go t here from a Off Road vehicle it is 6 Hour Drive from Colombo.

“The Rock of Lanka” is the meaning of “Lakegala” according to sinhala language.

According to the Sinhala Legend the Lakegala Rock is considered as the Kingdom Lankapura where King Ravana’s capital. It is also said that Ravana met Princess Sita, the Queen of Rama beside this Rock.

But the most of Meemure Villages believe that Lakegala is the Place where King Ravana lifted his Air Plane called“Dhadumonara”.This Dhadu Monara was his official Plane and he make use of  travels and used to capture Sita from India.



Sri Lanka is a country which in not second to any other nation from her Natural Beauty. The Village like “Meemure” proves this to the world.Meemure Village is situated near the Border between Kandy and Matale Districts. The village Meemure is Rich with natural Beauty and Traditional Sri Lankan styles.It is a remote village far away from Colombo Capital and it is about 175 Km.If you go there from a Off Road vehicle it is 6 Hour Drive from Colombo.
Here is how you can go there; First go to Kandy city which is 116 Km away from Colombo. Then Kandy-Mahiyangana Road (A26) towards to Mahiyangana.Turn to Left from Hunnasgiriya Junction which is 35 Km away from Kandy.Then go towards the Loolwatte Village which is 15 Km away from Hunnasiriya Junction. Then from Loolwatte it is about another 15 Km to the Meemure Village.

On your way to Meemure from Colombo you can see many Natural Sceeneries; among them Hulu Ganga (River), Victoria Reservoir, Teldeniya New Town (Teldeniya was under going for Mahaweli Project), Dothalugala Forest and Botanical Garden, Mini Worlds End, Coberts Gap (Attala Mottuwa) a place where lot of wind blowing to the other side, Meemure and Lakegala Mountain where King Rawana Lifted his Air Plane called Dhadu Monara.
At the Meemure Village you can stay at “Dumbara Pini Bindu” Village Hall with Permission of village People, Specially “Bandara Ayya” and “Nawarathna Ayya”.

Also you can visit and have bath from a water fall and a stream. This is the place where Sri Lankan Film “Suriya Arana” Shooting. You can have climb to the Lakegala Mountain also which is full of Adventure. If you are Local Alcohol lover you can have “Ra”local toddy made of Kithul Tree.

Japura Hikers Club (2002/2003(A)-A3 Group) covered every place here recently and if you like to Go Meemure here is the Telephone number of the Village One and only boutique 0715679147.

I am a Blog writer Dinesh Alwis(JAPURAALWIS)


Thelikada is a Rural village situated in Sri Lanka.It is in the Galle District which is South Part of the Island.Thelikada is nice and Beautifull village full of Pure Natuaral Air and Fresh Water.

Gin River(Gin Ganga)is flowing near viilage Thelikada.It brings an extra beauty to the Village.Also Gin Dam(Bunt)is lying inside the Village.Wakwella Bridge(Wakwalla Palama)also beside the Thelikada village ,which is Sri Lanka longest Bridge built by Sri Lankan Engineers.
Thelikada situated 116 Km away from the Capital Colombo.It is 2.30 hours drive from the Capital.Anyone can reach via Galle-Colombo ,Galle Road(A2).Access points from Galle Road are Hickkaduwa,Rathgama,Boossa,Pintaliya,Gintota and Galle.
Galle-Baddegama(via Pintaliya)is the Bus n 530 is the Bus Number.Also Galle-Baddegama(via Wakwella) 514/1 is the other route for thelikada.Also there is Bus from Ambalangoda Bus Stand.

There are over 2000 people are living peacefully.Thelikada Police station keep the law and Order.Also there is a School called G/Thelikada Maha Vidyalaya.Currently there are over 300 students and 30 Teachers.
Thelikada Sunandaramaya is an old temple there can be seen some old Drawings over 100 years old Wall painting.
In year 2007 there was a problem in the Temple and now it is solved.

Weerasinghe Watta is a Famouse because of Village ancestors.Thelikada Palliya Gurunnanselage and Thelikada Palliya Guruge are famous surname in the Village.
Thelikada famous for Brisk Cutting.Thelikada Appuhami(T.P.G.C.Alwis)is n old farmer.

Ramboda Tunnel and Ramboda Fall

Ramboda tunnel

SRI LANKA’S Longest Road Tunnel is now available for all The people Around the World.Nice and interesting place to watch because Ramboda fall and Ramboda pass is near there.

The project named Road Network Improvement Project focused on the improvement of the 54 km long Gampola-Nuwara Eliya road and 17 km long Gampola – Nawalapitiya road which are classified as (B13) and (A5) respectively in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.

This 225-metre long tunnel is now the longest one in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s longest road tunnel, the Ramboda tunnel was opened yesterday by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, a day ahead of the scheduled opening. The 225 metre-long tunnel which has been constructed preserving the scenic beauty of the surrounding environment is an alternative to Ramboda Pass.

 The Ramboda Tunnel was officially opened by the President on Saturday (23rd). The tunnel, built as part of the Road Network Improvement Project, is a landmark in the development of the 54km long Gampola-Nuwara_Eliya road and the 17km long Gampola –Nawalapitiya road, classified as B13 and A5 respectively in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.

Japanese Ambassador in Sri Lanka Kiyoshi Araki also attended the opening ceremony on Saturday.The 225 meter long tunnel is presently the longest in Sri Lanka. The Road Improvement Project was funded by the Government of Japan through the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and implemented in collaboration with the Road Development Authority (RDA) of Sri Lanka.The Government of Japan provided 3,078 million Japanese Yen (approximately Rs.3.1 billion) towards the construction of the Gmpola-Nuwara-Eliya ,Gamola-Nawalapitiya
Roads and the Ramboda Tunnel under its Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan scheme.The rehabilitation of these roads will facilitate easy access and faster mobility. It is also expected to contribute to improving commercial activities and social mobility resulting in better living standards and economic development in the area.

Still i couldnt go there but Hope to go Soon.

The Project took special care to preserve the scenic beauty of central Sri Lanka as it developed an alternative to the Ramboda Pass.